Fight Privatization

Here are some resources to fight privatization:


On June 23 at SEIU in Chicago we held a forum to examine the push to privatize in Chicago and across the USA. The event was sponsored by The Illinois Coalition to Protect the Public Commons.

Introduction – Bev Walter, Lead Organizer, ICCPPC (4:33)

Matt Brandon, Secretary-Treasurer, SEIU Local 73 (12:11)
N’Dana Carter, Mental Health Organizer, STOP (14:24)
Jesse Sharkey, Vice-President, Chicago Teachers Union (16:54)
Bev Walter on water privatization (12:26)
Tom Tresser, Chief Tool Builder, CivicLab, “The Chicago Privatization Story – Connecting the Dots” (37:51)
Here’s the presentation along with audio:

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